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Board of Directors
and Advisors

Incorporated August 1997

Founding Director, President

Norma Jean Almdovar

Vice President,International Liaison Officer

Cheryl Overs


Hester Nash


McKenzie Zeiss

Other Board of Directors members

JSusan Lopez

ICOP 1997 (l to r)
Sadhanna M. (India), Norma Jean A. (President), Dr. Joycelyn Elders, Paolo Longo (Brazil)
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Academic Advisory Board (partial list)

Dr. Joycelyn Elders, former Surgeon General U.S., Chair
Priscilla Alexander, FROST'D, New York
Dr. Marina Barnard, Centre Drug Misuse Research Glasgow Univ. Scotland
Dr. Neil McKeganey, Centre for Drug Misuse Research - Glasgow Univ.
Dr. Sibyl Schwarzenbach, Baruch College, CUNY, NY, USA
Dr. Laurie Shrage, Professor Philosophy, Cal Poly Pomona, CA, USA
Dr. Fran Shaver, Sociology & Anthropology, Concordia Univ. Quebec, Can
Dr. Jan Visser, University of The Netherlands
Dr. Lucie Van Mens, STD Found. (Stichting Soa-bestrijding), The Netherlands Dr. Marti Hohmann, (formerly Harvard University), NY, USA
Dr. Tuppy Owens, Founder "The Outsiders" UK
Dr. Janet Lever, researcher, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Dr. Carol Queen, PhD. San Francisco, CA USA
Dr. Shannon Bell, York Univ. Political Science, Ontario, Canada
Dr. Peter Bell, SUNY, Potsdam, NY, USA
Dr. Alison Murray, The Australian National University, Australia
Dr. Martin Weinberg, Indiana University Dept. of Sociology, USA
Drs. Ignasi Pons, Victoria Serra, Sociology Dept. Univ. of Barcelona, Spain
Dr. Samarajit Jana, STD/HIV Intervention Program, Calcutta, India
Dr. Richard Shapiro, San Francisco, CA, USA
Dr. Patricia Whelehan, Anthropologist, NY University, USA
Dr. Maria del Carmen Santos Ortiz, University Puerto Rico
Dr. Stephanie Wahab, Seattle University, WA, USA
Dr. Carmen Orte, Edifici Guillem Cifre de Colonya, Campus UIB, Spain
Dr. Marti X. March, Edifici Guillem Cifre de Colonya, Campus UIB, Spain
Dr. Lacey Sloan, University of Houston, Texas, USA
Yim Yuet Lin, Zi Teng, Hong Kong
Dr. Wendy Rickard, The British Library, Oral History Department, UK
Dr. Edna Keeble, St. Mary's Univ., Dept. Political Science, Nova Scotia, Ca
Dr. Penelope Saunders, Australia
Dr. Roberta Perkins, Australia
Dr. Gail Pheterson, Dept. Sociology, Univ. Paris, France
Dr. David Austin, Dept Philosophy & Religion, Nrth Carolina St Univ., USA

Legal Advisory Board (partial list)

John Fleischman, Department of Justice, Ottawa, Canada
Attorney Edward Tabash, Beverly Hills, CA, USA
Lisa Forman, Attorney, South Africa
Constable Pat Ellis, Edinburgh, Scotland
Glenn Souza, Retired LAPD Vice, LA, CA, USA
Dr. John Lowman, Simon Fraser Univ, School of Criminology, BC, Canada
Margo St. James, San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution
Professor David Richards, NY Univ. School of Law, NY, USA
Masumi Yoneda, Human Rights Law, Kyoto Women's University, Japan
Dr. Michael Knox, School of Law, Social Work&Social Policy, London, UK Naomi Webster, Attorney with South Africa government
Sylvester Rakgoadi, Deputy Director Safety & Security, Gauteng govt. SA
Jo Doezema, Anti-Slavery International, UK
Dr. W. Garrett Capune, Dept.Criminology, CSUF, CA, USA

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